The Joy of Summer


One of the luxuries of studying history, if you’ll indulge me, is the relatively fluid transition between what I do in college and what I do over the summer interruption. This last Spring Quarter, for example, I spent the majority of my time reading books about Low Country iconoclasm for the purpose of writing a 20 page paper — part of a one-on-one directed research class with a brilliant professor. In a word, the paper is about tracing ritual inversion and revolt in Ghent from the mid-fifteenth century to the late sixteenth century, using Peter Arnade’s considerable research on urban particularism.

The coming months don’t look too different. While I’ll certainly continue to look into my (rather sudden) fascination with Dutch history and culture, I will also be chipping away at the mountain that is the process of learning the French language.

A vrai dire peu de paroles.

Mid-way through my first week off, I’ve busied myself with crafting the “perfect” reading list for summer. I make a habit of dividing my reading choices between theology and not theology. To skip to the list, scroll down and risk hurting my feelings.

Summer “Fun”…

At the urging of some friends, I’ve decided to recreate a more personal blogging space. In years past, I would blog about things I knew practically nothing about. I will have to wait to see if anything has changed. I figure if friends and family, potential future employers, or graduate school admissions committee members stumble upon this, if nothing else, will be entertained by the list phenomenon.

While I don’t guarantee a thorough book review for all the texts listed below, I’ll try my best to put together a collection of non-hideous posts via Medium, containing my thoughts and frustrations. Due to the length of some of the texts, there will be regular postings regarding different sections of the same books. The texts listed in bold are the ones I’m prioritizing. I’ll also probably post about books that are not on this list.

This blog will also contain my musings about various things, as well as my reactions to popular micro-events. I’ve committed to including snippets from my journal entries, however terrifying the prospect of this may seem now.

WIBR: Summer 2015
“What I’ll be reading”


  • Barth, Church Dogmatics II.2
  • Calvin, Institutes (I-II); Tracts and Letters v. I
  • Bavinck, Reformed Dogmatics
  • Lillback, The Binding of God
  • Chadwick, The Early Church
  • Vanhoozer, Faith Speaking Understanding
  • Fesko, The Theology of the Westminster Standards
  • Bannerman, The Church of Christ
  • Hill, Paul and the Trinity; Spiritual Friendship
  • Reeves, Delighting in the Trinity
  • Forster, The Joy of Calvinism
  • Bratt, Antirevialism in Antebellum America
  • Estelle, Fesko, & VanDrunen (eds.), The Law is not of Faith: Essays on Works and Grace in the Mosaic Covenant [TLNF]
  • Elam, Van Kooten, & Bergquist, Merit and Moses: A Critique of the Klinean Doctrine of Republication (This is a book written in response to TLNF)

Not Theology

  • Weber, A Modern History of Europe
  • Priestland, The Red Flag: A History of Communism
  • Wark, Molecular Red
  • Berenson, Populist Religion and Left-Wing Politics in France, 1830–1852
  • Arnade, Beggars, Iconoclasts, and Civic Patriots: The Political Culture of the Dutch Revolt; Realms of Ritual
  • Schorske, Thinking with History
  • Firestone, The Fantasy Bond: Structure of Psychological Defenses
  • Foucault, The Hermenutics of the Subject
  • Wyschogrod, Spirit in Ashes
  • Sutton, American Apocalypse
  • Greif, The Age of the Crisis of Man
  • Oden, A Change of Heart

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