Keanu Heydari

I’m a Presbyterian in the PCA, and I’m a member of Pacific Crossroads Church in Santa Monica, CA. I’m an only child — born and raised in Los Angeles. Not to be outdone, I’m also a rising senior at UCLA pursuing two Bachelor’s degree programs in History and in French. As a historian, my research interests include modern European history with an emphasis on mid-nineteenth through twentieth century France. As a theologian, I’m interested in early twentieth-century continental Protestant thought, particularly the work of Karl Barth as well as the history of the Protestant Reformation. I subscribe to the Westminster Confession of Faith without exception, and to the Westminster Shorter and Larger Catechism. In my free time, I enjoy reading and writing, pensive long walks, and conversations that go on for hours.

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Kalyce Rogers

I’m a Presbyterian and a third year student at UCLA studying Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics. I’m a member of Pacific Crossroads Church in Santa Monica, CA, and part of Reformed University Fellowship on campus. I enjoy reading works from theologians including but not limited to St. Augustine, C.S. Lewis, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer. As a Microbiology student, I have a unique opportunity to propel conversations about the Gospel in a field that rarely ever mentions its existence, by helping to bridge the gap between science and faith. Along with working in UCLA Recreation and the Office of General Medicine, I am an avid writer and editor. Some of my written work can be found in Carl Hausman’s “Write Like a Pro” and in UCLA’s Journal of the Arts, Westwind. My writing interests lie predominantly in creative nonfiction and short fiction, where I like to incorporate science and Christianity as much as I possibly can.

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Blake Deal

I am a Calvinistic Baptist, and as of July 1st 2016, I will be married to my lovely wife Rachel. I am a senior philosophy student at UCLA, as well as an opinion contributor for the Daily Bruin, the university’s student-run newspaper and media. Theologically, I place heavy emphasis on the complete omnipotence of God and depravity of humanity. The more emphasis that we place on our impotence serves to greater magnify the grace and love of God. I am supralapsarian, predestinarian, amillennial, credobaptist, submit to the Five Sola’s of the Reformation, and am open to the Charismatic Gifts. Philosophically, I possess a pessimism for unaided human reason and believe all other Christians should as well. Studying philosophy is not for the purpose of discovering the hidden nature of things, but for the purpose of understanding the history of ideas so that we may competently oppose the bad and exalt the good, and to better explain the Gospel using the vocabulary of our contemporary age. My views towards science are thoroughly pragmatic and just as pessimistic. Politically, my views shift from month to month. I have come to question the desirability of liberal democracies, along with the homogenization of the world’s cultures through open trade, shared technology, and mass immigration into western countries. I am generally speaking right-wing, but whatever this means, only time will tell.

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Jordon von Helf

I am a member at Emmaus Church in Redlands, where I have attended for the past seven years. I have served on the worship team as a bass player for many years. As a deacon, I also created and lead our church’s youth program under the direction of my pastors. Since transferring to UCLA from my local community college, I have regularly attended Pacific Crossroads Church and the Reformed University Fellowship on campus. I am a mechanical engineering undergraduate student. Currently, I am taking a break from UCLA to be home with my mother as she battles brain cancer. As an engineer, I am interested in topics such as faith and science, the cosmos, truth, beauty, and integrity in the physical universe, creation and origins. Other topics on faith I often bring up around the dinner table include the metanarrative of Scripture, the overarching, cosmic story of redemption, epistemology, and liturgy. I am not a prolific or experienced writer, but I hope to use this opportunity as an author to Glorify God, encourage and challenge readers, and to be challenged in turn by others. Peace of Christ be with you.

Matthew Stanley

Matthew Stanley is a theology and philosophy student currently studying at Wheaton College near Chicago, although he was reared near Sacramento in beautiful Northern California. Though a member of Bethel Presbyterian Church (OPC) in Wheaton, Matthew’s vision of theology is nonetheless ecumenical in scope and thus impels him towards the joyful and inevitably challenging process of engaging in theological conversation across traditions. Matthew’s areas of interest lie in the area of doctrine of God, revelation, creation, hermeneutics, eschatology, the theology of the Church Fathers, and Protestant dogmatics broadly. So, although Matthew studies primarily dogmatics, he never does so in isolation from the text of Scripture. The Word of God holds sway over his heart and mind. However, tradition nonetheless plays a vital role in reading and interpreting Scriptures. This interplay of submission to the Word within a community of those who are also submitted to the same Word allows dialogue, joy, and doxology to bubble to the surface. In his free time (what does that even mean?) he likes to hang out with friends, smoke a pipe, drink coffee, and play Catan.

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